May 05 2010

On this page you can find a live demo of a script emulating a gui effect well known to users of a particular music player. Hovering with your mouse the images will cause them to slide one by one. Faster you move faster they will swap. I wrote it to be really easy to setup, just add tags withing a parent class “sideslide” like this:

<div class="sideslide"> 
<img src="m/Alive - Daft Punk.jpg"> 
<img src="m/Daft Club - Daft Punk.jpg"> 
<img src="m/Discovery - Daft Punk.jpg"> 
<img src="m/Homework - Daft Punk.jpg"> 
<img src="m/Human After All - Daft Punk.jpg"> 

Don’t forget to include sideslide.js and jQuery to your page. Chek the live demo to find out more.

I am Riccardo, I studied computer engineering at the University of Trieste (Italy) and then got a M.Sc. in the same field at the University of Stuttgart (Germany). I now live in Zurich, Switzerland.

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