I just pushed to rubygems my first gem!! It’s called rwiimote, it’s a wrapper around libcwiimote3, which provides some bindings to control wiimotes over bluetooth. To install:

gem install rwiimote Included within the gem there's a `README` that provides some documentation, along with some usage examples. Let's analyze them here:


# w.connect requires mac address of device to connect to. find it by running "hcitool scan" just after you hit 1&2 on your wiimote

puts "press both 1 and 2 keys to connect"
exit unless w.connect "00:11:22:33:44:55"
puts "connected!"

# you can turn those fancy blue leds on or off by calling on/off methods on them 

puts "click home to disconnect"
while w.open?
  # w.update has to be called every time you want to send/receive new data to/from the device. usually it's at the beginning of a loop like this 
  w.disconnect unless w.update
  # check if button "a" was pressed
  puts "a!" if w.a?

  # disconnect if button "home" was pressed
  w.disconnect if w.home?

The second one shows how to access the force data:

exit unless w.connect "00:11:22:33:44:55"

# turn on accelerometer
w.acc= true

puts "shake to disconnect!!"
while w.open?
  w.disconnect unless w.update

  #	print information about each axis of the accelerometer
  puts "force x: " + w.force_x.to_s
  puts "force y: " + w.force_y.to_s
  puts "force z: " + w.force_z.to_s

  # disconnect if you were shaking too hard :)
  w.disconnect if w.force > 2

There are some other methods available, check them in the README file. Drop me a line if something does not work or if you just have some questions about it.


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