May 30 2010

On my github repository you can now find an alpha version of my c-to-epub conversion tool. c2epub is a tool able to generate ebooks in the EPUB format packaging c source code.

It is different from other epub generating software since default font of generated ebooks is a fixed width one. Blank lines, spaces, tabs are preserved and it provides C syntax highlight. You can choose to package a group of source files together or process them one by one creating different epubs.

Run it with -h to get the usage help. Default is single output file, no syntax highlight

usage: c2epub [options] [source files...]
source files have to be in the same directory you run c2epub.
  -t title package title (output filename base)
  -g       enable grayscale
  -m       multiple files output
  -h       print this help
  -v       print version information

Get source and binary here.


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