Tor consensus nse parser

April 10 2012

Today I quickly translated a python script i had floating around into a more useful NSE script.

It pulls the consensus data from one of the 9 Tor directory servers (documentation here) and runs a regular expression to extract the ip addresses of the nodes until it finds a matching one.

nmap -p0 -dd -Pn --datadir=. --script=tor-consensus-checker
NSE: Starting 'tor-consensus-checker' (thread: 0x9a87568) against
Initiating NSE at 23:36
NSE: checking if is a tor relay
NSE: Final http cache size (674972 bytes) of max size of 1000000
NSE: consensus retrieved from
NSE: Finished 'tor-consensus-checker' (thread: 0x9a87568) against
0/tcp closed unknown conn-refused

Host script results:
| tor-consensus-checker: 
|_ is a tor node

Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 1.42 seconds

The script can currently be found on my github repository of nmap scripts.


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