Redis Android NDK port

August 21 2012

I just finished the first step of porting Redis, the server component, to the Android ndk. I didn’t test anything besides basic features, value store/load, db save and db restore but the few things i tested worked perfectly. To port it i created a stub app and compiled the source tree as a JNI library. I brought in lua too since it is a dependency needed by Redis for server-side scripting.

I added in the source code #ifdef __ANDROID__ macros where I introduced some fixes to compile successfully, mostly related to compatibility with the bionic c library on Android. The entry point in redis.c has been substituted by a JNI call and the log function hooked to Logcat for convenient debugging. The db is stored on the sdcard in /sdcard/redis/.

The stub app has a button to start/stop Redis as an Android service and another one to test if it answers correctly to set/get calls. It is up here on github. I use Jedis as a client library, the next step will be importing the Jedis test suite to fix what doesn’t behave in the right way and add an option to read the server configuration file from the sdcard.

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